the lead up

Our mission for ENTRAINMENT was to make theatre accessible to Millennials not already accustom to seeing plays. We knew from the beginning that getting these audience members into our space was going to be our biggest challenge - as without them the piece would not succeed.


Our marketing efforts centered around a series of events called SESH, which were designed to get people talking about ENTRAINMENT and its creators. The SESH events brought people from our networks into a relaxed social environment, and gave them a taste what we do through short performance pieces and projected video art. As word of mouth travelled and the SESH events gained popularity, over 15 people who had never before worked in theatre or film were inspired to join our team, and became invaluable contributors in the process leading up to ENTRAINMENT. 

- Russell Kahn, Producer

SESH NO MORE — a party-performance hybrid. We converted Roycemore School into a performance space complete with various installations exlporing the relationship between the digital and the natural. Audience members were free to follow performers around as they improvised different moments in each of the curated spaces. At the party space next door, audience members could enjoy communal art making, video art projections, and experimental sound installations. 

Trailer for a SESH event